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Episode Photolane

The people walking down the street suddenly turned their attention to a tragic car accident. A young boy, 15 or 16 years of age, was hit by a screeching car which instantly caused his death. Then we see Yusuke Urameshi, the same young boy who was hit by a car, flying in the air. It turns out that he really died, and what we see is his soul. He tries to remember the events that had transpired before this accident, and he remembers him back at school, cutting classes once again. Then Keiko, his girlfriend suddenly appears and tries to convince him back to class, which he doesn't listen to. He leaves the campus and is confronted by Kuwabara Kazuma, who has been challenging him to a fight since they first met, but always loses. Once again they fought, and instantly Kuwabara loses again. Yusuke goes back home only to be scolded by his mother, Atsuko, once again.

So Yusuke roamed around the streets, and he finds a young child playing ball. He advices the child not to play ball in the streets because its dangerous, but the child wouldn't listen. He crosses the street without knowing that a screeching car drives by, and by instinct Yusuke saves the child, causing his instant death.

We go back to Yusuke's soul floating in air, and then a witch-like girl suddenly approaches him. She is Botan, the messenger of the spirit world. She tells Yusuke that he can help him get back to life once again, if the ones he left really want him back. Later we visit Yusuke's funeral, and we see some of the professors of Yusuke's school rejoice over his death. Yusuke tries to punch them, but cannot hit them since he is a soul. Then he sees his body, with his mother Atsuko right beside it, weeping. Later we see Keiko, crying, and Kuwabara, pissed off over losing Yusuke before winning against him. Then Botan is convinced that they want them back, and she drags him up into oblivion for this wish to come true as the episode ends.


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