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Episode 12 - ENTER RANDOU

Episode Photolane

Kuwabara gets overconfident since he doesn't feel any power coming from Shourin, and so does Botan and Yusuke. They even thought Randou didn't even join the competition since they weren't sensing anything strong. Now the matchup between Kuwabara and Shourin starts and Kuwabara quickly lands his punches that knocks Shourin down. This even shocks everyone, seeing how weak Shourin was. Then Shourin unleashes a secret attack - fireball flash! as fireballs are hurled towards a shocked Kuwabara. But then Kuwabara has something up his sleeve.. and unleashes his spiritual sword and promptly deflects Shourin's fireballs back to himself, burning him down. Now Kuwabara looks pretty good in winning the match, and he prepares for the final blow but then Shourin utters some weird words which turns out to be the key to his most devastating technique, the dwarf invocation, and in seconds Kuwabara turns to an entity as small as an ant.. even a caterpillar looks like an elephant to him now. Shourin uses this advantages and crushes Kuwabara by his fists, breaking all of his bones and making him paralyzed for life. Yusuke sees this and in anger tries to attack Shourin, but Genkai prevents him from doing so because their matchup is going on. Then Shourin throws Kuwabara and Kuwabara returns to his normal size, but now has all his bones crushed. Yusuke and Botan comes to his aid, hoping for the worst.. luckily Kuwabara is still alive.

Now furious than ever, Yusuke, who was just exhausted a minute ago from his previous fights, displays a strong spiritual power and out of nowhere attacks Shourin as the finals of Genkai's competition starts. Yusuke kicks the hell out of Shourin out of his anger and beats Shourin down. Then Shourin flies to the air and then discharges another special attack, the wind cutter, as air forms into circular cutting tools and injures Yusuke hard. Now Yusuke cannot attack frontal since the circular cutters will tear him apart, but still continues his assault. He leaps up and passes through the middle of the circular cutters.. all the way and smashes his arm right through Shourin's neck and brings him down big time.

Yusuke survives and promptly thinks he just won the match, but Genkai starts informing him that the game is not over... suddenly an earthquake arises and out from beneath Shourin's body starts to lacerate, and a demonic creature arises... now Yusuke must face his worst nightmare as he confronts the person he was looking for all this time - Randou....


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