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Episode Photolane

Tarukane learns that the monster he sent was defeated by the outsiders.. As the Toguro brothers realizes that they are not ordinary people. Seems like Yusuke and the gang are winning the edge. Tarukane becomes a bit concerned but Toguro calms him saying he could face them if necessary. Tarukane doesn't quite agree and tries to test Toguro's skill by competing him with his own pet monster. The monster is ruthless and can kill people in seconds. However it turns out that this Toguro is powerful after all, and he punches a hole right through the monster's body in just one attack thus killing it in a blink of an eye. Tarukane is surprised and finally gains some confidence. Then he thinks of something more interesting - a gambling game.

Koenma with his servant Saotome are watching Yusuke's journey towards Tarukane's mansion when suddenly Kurama arrives. Seems like they can't find Hiei after he delivered the tape to Yusuke. Kurama thinks that Hiei knows the contents of the tape and he himself is out to save his own sister.. looks that way as we see Hiei jumping from tree to tree with his hyperspeed towards Tarukane's mansion without Yusuke and the rest noticing. Later Tarukane summons several of his business associates and decides to start a gambling game. He knows that the outsiders trying to invade his place has some kind of special powers (Toguro did mention to Tarukane that this outsiders once defeated Randou and Suzaku, two powerful demons) so he manipulates the gambling game to his advantage. First bet - his twelve defenders versus the outsiders. As expected majority of his business associates went with his defenders, but there was one - Sakyou - who favored the outsiders and even doubled the wager. Tarukane is shock, and he gets even more shocked when we see Yusuke and Kuwabara beating up his twelve defenders. Seems like Tarukane has lost the first bet. Kuwabara ties something on his forehead and gets his motivation from it (There is a writing on it saying something like "Me and Yukina Forever" ^_^) as the three journeys on and finally reaches the mansion. Botan tries to look ahead and examine the location as Yusuke and Kuwabara beats up more defenders.

Tarukane then releases his second bet - three of his most powerful men - Miyuki, Gokumonki and Inmaki, against the outsiders. Everyone again went in favor of Tarukane's men - except Sakyou once again. He goes with Yusuke and even triples the wager.. Tarukane is irate. So he thinks of a trick - and suddenly the whole forest blows off. Seems like Tarukane has initiated the self-destruct button and destroys the forest that surrounds the mansion - and looks like he has gotten rid of the outsiders for good. But look who's here - the three outsiders are perfectly safe and they finally reach the mansion. They enter it and face their first challenge, One of Tarukane's henchmen - Miyuki. Looks like she's got the hots for killing people...


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