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Episode 25 - ENTER TOGURO

Episode Photolane

Kuwabara finally sees the girl he wanted to rescue right from the start, Yukina - unfortunately they have to pass their last test first, and that is a showdown with the Toguro brothers. Kuwabara seems to underestimate Toguro's strength and starts to charge, but Yusuke stops him saying he feels something powerful within him. And indeed there is, as Toguro Ani (the small one) changes his body into the form of a sword, and Toguro Ototo (the large one, whom now on will be reffered to as only Toguro) starts to charge up, and the immense power Toguro displays blows Yusuke off his feet.. and before they know it Toguro charges onto them.. He knocks Yusuke out, and charges for Kuwabara. Kuwabara unleashes his spiritual sword to try and block Toguro's sword, but its too powerful and it blows him off and smashes him to the wall. Yusuke sneaks from the side and fires his rei gun but Toguro was able to jump and avoid it, but Yusuke follows with his spirit shotgun attack and nails Toguro.. however he uses a barrier to protect him from Yusuke's attack and counters with a punch that sends Yusuke flying... Seems like there powers don't stand a chance against a monster like him..

Yusuke thinks of a plan and charges for Toguro, but quickly sidesteps and fires a full-powered REI GUN right in FRONT of Toguro's face! Despite this though, Toguro remains unharmed. We find out that Toguro Ani changed from sword to shield and blocked Yusuke's rei gun. Toguro smashes Yusuke with a punch and he goes down... Now both are out and Tarukane is rejoicing (he's gonna get his money back) but Sakyou seems unaffected by this situation..

Somehow, with his spirit energy, Kuwabara feels what Yukina had passed through, the torture she got when she was being forced to cry by Tarukane for his own personal deeds.. the loss of her love ones... and with this he gets his inspiration and gets reenergized... He unleashes his spirit sword and then charges for.... Tarukane! He's gonna kick Tarukane's ass for making Yukina suffer.. but just then Toguro pulls him back and kicks him in the gut.. they need to get rid of Toguro first, seems like thats the only choice left, but they don't stand a chance.. however Kuwabara thinks of a plan that if they could just land in a sneak attack they could win the battle, so he decides to ask for Yusuke's help. One more time Kuwabara charges with his spirit sword, and Toguro is ready to anticipate the attack. However Yusuke fires his rei gun and it hits Kuwabara... doubling his speed with this force, surprising Toguro, and unable to anticipate this sudden burst of speed he gets stabbed hard by Kuwabara's spirit sword.... and the game is over.

Tarukane is shocked by this sudden turn of events, and Sakyou is more than happy as ever. He gets Tarukane's property. Just then someone bursts into Tarukane's place.. It's Hiei. Seems like he has taken care of all Tarukane's bodyguards and is ready for him. Tarukane pleads for survival, but Hiei, with his cold-hearted personality starts giving Tarukane a beating of his life. As Hiei was about to land the final blow Yukina stops him, saying she has seen too much violence and wants it to stop.. and being his long lost brother, he does stop. However Yukina doesn't know him, and when she asked who he is, Hiei decided it isnt the right time to tell her his real identity yet. He tells him to take a look at Yusuke and Kuwabara instead who has some injuries in which she can attend to. As she hurries off someone appears right behind Hiei.. It's Kurama. But it looks like he's too late for the fun.

Yukina goes too Kuwabara who is badly hurt from the fight, but by just seeing her somehow miraculously Kuwabara regains his strength... (the power of love ^_^).. and they have a romantic moment as the episode ends... So they have rescued Yukina from the clutches of Tarukane, and Yusuke's mission is finally over. Or is it?


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