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Episode Photolane

The next day Yusuke wanders around his school to find his girlfriend Keiko being mistreated by some gangsters. He tries to help but realizes he is a soul and can't do anything. Just then Kuwabara together with his friends appear from nowhere, and helps Keiko escape. They then challenge the gangsters which ended up in a street brawl. Later on Kuwabara and his friends are summoned by their professor and are detained for the commotion they started earlier. They are threatened to be expelled, if not for one of Kuwabara's friend having a part-time job to help his family. The rude professor then gives them a condition that unless they do not cause any more turmoil for a week, they will be dropped from school. Kuwabara and his friends agrees. However it was all a set-up, since the professor wants Kuwabara out of the school for good.

Later at dismissal Kuwabara returns home only to find the gangsters waiting for him for payback. However he doesn't retaliate, and lets the gangsters beat him up really good. Seeing that things wont work the professor quickly adds another stipulation that Kuwabara must pass the exam he will give for his friend's part-time job to be retained. In the previous test they took, Kuwabara got a score of only 6 points (which Yusuke was delighted on because someone got a score lower than his 12 points) but it doesn't stop him from studying. Kuwabara started to study hard like he never did before, even though the gangsters still continue to beat him up to live up to the professor's first condition. At one night Kuwabara fell asleep while studying, and at this point Yusuke enters his dream to give him inspiration to pass the test.

Exam day came and as Kuwabara was going to school some of the gangsters came by for payback once again. While chasing him the gangsters runs by a girl and accidentally hits her, knocking her out. Seeing this would interfere with Kuwabara's study Yusuke possesses the unconscious girl and starts beating up the gangsters... preventing Kuwabara from knowing someone was chasing him. Then later on Kuwabara takes the exam and successfully answers much of the questions. The professor, surprised by Kuwabara's performance, erased one of his answers to make the it look that he failed the exam. Kuwabara, surprised he did not pass, examined his test paper and saw one of his answers erased and, filled with anger, tried to hit his professor. Yusuke tries to stop Kuwabara, and he did managed to prevent him from hitting his professor. However the principal came in and tells Kuwabara that he saw what the professor did, which means that his friend's job will be retained and they won't be expelled from school.

Yusuke was surprised he managed to stop Kuwabara from hitting his professor, but Botan told him that it was Kuwabara's own will that made him stop. As the episode ends we see Kuwabara staring at the sky.. perhaps thanking Yusuke for his help..


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