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Episode Photolane

While Botan and Yusuke wanders around his school a strange soul suddenly appears before them. She introduces herself as Sayaka, the investigator of resurrection, and she was there to find out whether the people who knows Yusuke wants him back alive. They first investigate on Keiko, much to Yusuke's dismay (since he doesn't want Botan and the rest to know how he feels for her and how she feels for him as well..)

A young boy approaches Keiko and proposes his love to her, unfortunately Keiko turns her back since she already has one (Yusuke), which shatters him (ouch), and Yusuke too perhaps. Botan teases him that he may be that person Keiko was talking about, and Sayaka gives him a plus on his card. Later on we see Keiko visit Yusuke's house only to find it a whole mess. Keiko finds a letter from Atsuko to take care of Yusuke for a while while she leaves.. anyway Keiko cleans up the house but suddenly trips, hitting the wall that made a bowl of noodles and some scattered books fall over Yusuke's face, who was currently lying lifeless on a bed. Then Keiko cleans up Yusuke (with the noodles on his face) then out of the blue, gets this warmth feeling and tries to kiss Yusuke... (Yusuke panics) when suddenly some kind of truck advertising fire prevention passes by.. allowing Keiko to return to reality (Yusuke sighs).. another plus on Sayaka's card.

Then Keiko leaves to buy something when a mysterious young person (perhaps the heartbroken boy) throws something into Yusuke's house that quickly started a fire. Yusuke, realizing his body is going to get burned, is in a frenzy once again. Botan tries to get help and he goes to Kuwabara (who was sparring with a manequin Yusuke).. he realizes some smoke coming off a nearby building and realizes it was Yusuke's house and he rushes to it. Meanwhile Keiko returns to find out Yusuke's house on fire, and he quickly soaks herself in a bucket of water and runs inside to save Yusuke's body, neglecting the danger.

The fire was getting bigger and both Keiko and Yusuke's body are now trapped inside. Sayaka then says there is one way to save them, and that is to throw the golden egg Yusuke was protecting all this time into the fire. This will save them from the inferno, but will cost his life (or returning to life, that is). without hesitation Yusuke throws the egg into the fire, and Kuwabara comes in to help Keiko escape. Later on the fire is taken out, then Kuwabara asks Keiko who was the guy he was with inside, and realizes it was Yusuke (really shocked). At night Yusuke grieves over not coming back to life again, but then out of nowhere Koenma appears to tell Yusuke that he has now gained his trust and can return to life once again, telling him that the egg was just a deception and it will someday turn into a monster that bears Yusuke's image.. but nonetheless Yusuke can return to life once again.


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