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Episode Photolane

Now Yusuke is as excited as ever as Koenma appears from nowhere and tells him that it is already time for him to come back to life. They visit Yusuke's new home (after the fire incident) and sees his body, still safe and in place. However the problem is that his soul should be balanced with his body spiritually and he needs a power of a person close to him to help him be revived, and the way to transport this power is through his mouth (CPR?) so he tries with his mother, but Atsuko is so drunk she can't even walk right. Then he thinks of another close person and suddenly we are taken to Kuwabara having a nightmare (um.. its like sleeping beauty where Kuwabara gets to wake the sleeping Yusuke with a kiss.. ^_^) then finally he thinks of Keiko and informs her of the matter through her dream. Koenma then opens the gate of resurrection and says that by the next night his body will light up and that will be time for his chosen person to send his help with a kiss..

The next day Keiko gets informed that her mother got sick so she went to stay with her, completely forgetting the information about reviving Yusuke. With this huge problem, Yusuke turns to both Kuwabara and Atsuko for help, but to no avail. So Botan decides to possess the body of Keiko's mother and tell him about Yusuke. It was almost midnight, and Keiko had around fifteen minutes left to rush from the hospital to Yusuke's house. Once midnight strikes it will be a start of a brand new day and Yusuke will not be able to come back to life anymore. Then she manages to arrive, kisses Yusuke, although she didn't know if she was in time. And yes, Yusuke woke up, back from the dead once again, as Keiko hugs him. Botan says the mission is complete, but Koenma explains that the game is not yet over. (duh)

The next day Yusuke is glad to be back alive again. As he walks around he is stopped by gangsters and demands money from him. Instead of fighting them, Yusuke began to feel lighthearted and almost kisses the gangster for the sole reason that they can see him and he is alive again. Down at the alley a fortune teller suddenly calls Yusuke and tells him about his mission, monsters, demons and such. However Yusuke ignores her.. not knowing they have met before. As Yusuke visits a coffee shop, he sees some punks from another school discussing something about Kuwabara. Then Kuwabara arrives and gives the ransom (comics) in exchange for Ikitchi, someone those punks have in hostage. Kuwabara begs not to hurt Ikitchii, and that he will do anything for them just for Ikitchi. It turns out Ikitchi is a cat (uh) and the conversation is taken outside, The leader of the punk gang that has Ikitchi hostage demands Kuwabara to beat up his friends, when suddenly Yusuke goes to action and snatches the cat from the punks. All of them (most especially Kuwabara) is surprised to see Yusuke back alive again, and a brawl starts, with Kuwabara and his friends getting the upper hand. Seeing the situation the leader of the punks tries to escape, but Yusuke catches him and knocks him down flat.

Then out of nowhere a small creature skips out of the mouth of the punk leader, and Yusuke grabs the creature, confused on what the hell the thing is. Then the fortune teller arrives and explains that the creature is a small-time criminal from the demon world, and he escaped and tried to wreck havoc in the human world. The fortune teller reveals herself as none other than.. Botan! much to Yusuke's astonishment. Then Koenma appears and explains that Yusuke did came back to life to become a spiritual world detective and that this is just one of the things he must do in order to protect the human world from the invasion of the demons, and here starts Yusuke's adventure as the episode ends.


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