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Episode Photolane

The spirit world headquarters is suddenly attacked by three demons, stealing three important artifacts with them, the ball of devourment, the mirror of reality, and the sword of vengeance. With this problem, Koenma makes a move...

Meanwhile Yusuke returns to school for the first time since dying and shocks the whole campus. Every student gets terrified upon seeing Yusuke, although Keiko was there to sort things out. Even the teachers gets shocked, except for the principal, who hits Yusuke in the head again for being late. One teacher creates a plan to kick Yusuke out of the school once again, and he does that by stealing Yusuke's classmates precious belongings. They blame Yusuke for the lost things, but Keiko was there to protect him. The teacher then arrives and tries to continue his plan by showing this mess to the principal.. when Koenma suddenly arrives and stops the time. He elaborates the situation of the three demons stealing the relics to Yusuke, but Yusuke refuses to cooperate until he gets out of this school mess. Koenma points out that the teacher himself took his classmates' belongings to force Yusuke out, and Yusuke takes proper action as the principal sees the truth. Still Yusuke wasn't satisfied, so Koenma teaches him a special technique called the rei gun that concentrates his energy to form an attack much powerful than a punch, but by that time he can only use it one time per day, so out of revenge he uses it on the teacher, knocking him out. ouch.

Now Yusuke proceeds with his first mission - to find the demons who have invaded the human world. Down the street he sees a child collapse, and mysteriously he sees the child's soul being absorbed somewhere. He follows the soul and arrives at some alley where a mysterious looking person settles down. He tries the special lens Botan gave earlier - the lens that could see underneath everything (he even gets a smack down when he tries to use the lens on Botan's clothes..) and he sees the ball of devourment being carried by him. He tries to attack, but some gangsters blocks his way slowing him down.

Koenma then identifies the thieves, One was Goki, an experienced criminal, Hiei, a powerful demon, and Kurama, who surprisingly has a clean record and much shockingly... a human. Then he receives the report that his father King Enma will return in a week, and they must recover the stolen relics in that span of time, so he orders Botan to tell Yusuke the rush. Later on Yusuke then wanders around the forest, trying to find the man he lost sight earlier. Then we see a speedy guy with spiked hair, testing his newly stolen sword, and the man Yusuke saw earlier. Then a red-headed person suddenly arrives and tells something like backing out from the group, which angers the spiky headed man and demands the stolen mirror to be given to them. Just then Yusuke arrives to spoil the show. As the spiky-headed man follows the red-headed person out, Yusuke confronts the guy he saw earlier, whom we finally identify as Goki, a soul-eating demon. He tries to devour one soul absorbed into the ball of devourment, when Yusuke hits him hard and knocks the soul out, which turns to be the soul of the child that collapsed earlier. Now Yusuke recovers the ball, with only two to go. Just then Goki stands up and then transforms into a more vicious looking creature which shocks Yusuke. With his power Goki kicks the crap out of Yusuke, and Yusuke doesn't stand a chance. He tries to use his rei gun, but he remembers that he already used it earlier on his teacher and he can only use it once a day.. now he gets himself into a trouble he never imagined he'll get involved into...


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