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Episode Photolane

Yusuke gets badly wounded in the fight against Goki. As Goki was about to deliver the finishing blow, lights come out around and surround the forest. Thinking people are coming, Goki runs to hide, leaving Yusuke alone, who passes out from the wounds. As he recovers he finds himself back at his house, with his mother by his side, hitting him hard in the head again for what she thinks of him having another fight. It turns out that Botan saved him from the fight with Goki, and brought him back to his house for treatment. And Botan transforms into a human entity by the way, so that he can be seen by other people and help Yusuke in his missions. Then Yusuke thinks about the souls Goki has absorbed, and although not fully recovered, he goes back to fight Goki again, and on the way Botan gives him a spirit detector (a watch) that detects demons around, and a spirit enhancer (a ring) that raises the power of his rei gun a lot, in return of losing all of his strength.

Yusuke finds Goki threatening another child, and he attacks him again. He realizes that his body is as hard as steel, but the inside is nothing compared to it. So he gets beat up, but with Botan's distraction he manages to put a roadblock in his mouth and blasts a rei gun directly to it, killing him and releasing all the souls he had taken. Now he has recovered one treasure with two more to go.

Although badly injured Yusuke still wants to find the rest of the demons, and on the way he meets the red-headed person he met earlier in the woods. He introudes himself as Kurama, and explains that he has no intention of fighting him. He sets a meeting place for Yusuke and mentions he will return the mirror he stole after he has used its purpose. And so they met in the weirdest battling place of all.. the hospital. Yusuke meets Kurama, and finds out he has a sick mother named Shiori Minamono that he is taking care of. Then they went to the rooftop and he explains to Yusuke about his past, that he was a wolf-demon but on one of his quests he was badly injured and decided to go to the human world in his mother's womb to escape from danger. He wanted to return to the demon world once he has regained all his strength but while he was growing up as a human named Shuichi Minamono he felt the tender loving care of his mother and decided he couldn't leave her behind. Just then the nurse breaks their conversation and tells Kurama that his mother's sickness was getting worse.

So Kurama decided to use the mirror of reality, with its power that shows the real intention of the person using it and gives it truthfulness. However there was a catch, in which a person's life should be taken away in order for this wish become a reality. With this information that Botan receives from Koenma she rushes to the scene to prevent the situation but it was too late. Kurama has already wished for the recovery of his mother in exchange for his life. Yusuke, who can't bear the fact that a mother is weeping for his lost child (like what happened to him) decided that his life be taken instead of Kurama's (one of the instances in the series where Yusuke does a rashful thinking not even taking in consideration the consequences). Then a bolt of light strikes and together with the full moon, who gives the mirror the power to grant things, the wish became reality and Shiori recovered from his illness. Botan arrives to see both Kurama and Yusuke down, but suddenly Kurama gets up, and realizing his life wasn't taken he rushes to his mother to find out that she is doing fine. Then Yusuke wakes up, confused why he's still alive. The mirror then speaks that because of their good intentions it decided to grant the wish with nothing in return. Now Yusuke has two of the relics back, with only one to go, not knowing the danger that lies from the third relic.. or the person holding it.


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