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Episode Photolane

The episode starts with Yukina bidding farewell to everyone, most especially Kuwabara... seems like he's first love won't be able to stay in his arms for long... so Yusuke and the gang are back to their daily lives.. and Botan returns to the spirit world too. Speaking of the spirit world, we see Koenma who is rejoicing for the fact that everything came out alright. However one of his servants rushed to him and showed him the post-battle scenes with Yusuke and Toguro.. after everyone left Tarukane's mansion. Toguro, who is still lying after Kuwabara's attack, suddenly rises up.... he is still alive. Then Sakyou comes out and congratulates Toguro for a job well done.... seems like Sakyou and Toguro are working together after all... Tarukane, who is still alive (he was spared by Hiei) realizes this, but before he can do anything he gets his throat slashed by Toguro... as a shocked Koenma watches. Business was done in that place, but for Toguro, things are just getting started.

Back in the human world Yusuke is having a stroll in the park with Keiko when suddenly a commotion arises from somewhere. Yusuke checks it out and realizes a building which suddenly collapsed.. Just then Yusuke realizes someone watching him... and as he turns around he sees his nightmare - Toguro. Yusuke is stunned by the fact Toguro is still alive. Then Kuwabara arrives at the commotion scene and sees Keiko... but then sees Yusuke.. and Toguro. He too, is stunned that his spirit sword attack was not capable to beat him.. Yusuke and Toguro went into a building which was under construction and there Toguro tells Yusuke he's real motives. He tells him that he faked his defeat to deceive Tarukane and get his money together with Sakyou.. but more importantly he was greatly impressed by his power and decided to invite him to join the Ankoku Bujutsukai, a tournament held in the demon world. He and four other fighters of his choice are personally invited to be the special competitors of the tournament. Then Toguro decides to show Yusuke his true power as he charges up and starts smashing the whole building, and within seconds the building is blown to bits. Yusuke was so stunned he was unable to move and could not escape from the dismantling building. He survives though, but still stunned by Toguro's strength exhibition. Kuwabara sees all of this.. and so does Kurama and Hiei, who was lurking from somewhere. Seems like Yusuke has a new challenge he needs to overcome.

Later on we see Yusuke returning to Genkai's place, and pleads for her to train him more. His strength is not enough to even scratch Toguro, so he needs some intense training. Meanwhile Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara are also training together, as they are also preparing to join Yusuke in this tournament of the demons. A few months pass and it was time for the tournament of the demon world to begin. Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei together with millions of other demons are gathered in a special ship that transports everyone to the batlling arena, an island out of reach by normal transportation. The ship was about to leave, but Kuwabara pleads to wait for a moment as they are still waiting for someone. Just then Yusuke arrives (late once again) and greets everyone. Kuwabara is pleased to see him but at the same time dejected for him being late again. Hiei comes up... and suddenly strikes Yusuke with his sword! However Yusuke's strength has greatly improved and manages to dodge all of Hiei's attacks.. seems like Hiei is starting to get along with him. Just then they notice someone who has journeyed with Yusuke - a woman in a mask. It looks like this woman in a mask will be their fifth entry to complete their team... who in the world is she anyway? Nevertheless all are set for the journey towards the Ankoku Bujutsukai and for the greatest challenge of their lives...


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