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Episode Photolane

The day finally came. Millions of demons are filling in the crowd to watch the Ankoku Bujutsukai. Out in the VIP room several businessmen are gathered for Sakyou's tournament gamble game. Finally the time has arrived for the first bout. Koto, the Ankoku Bujutsukai announcer proudly presents the first two battling teams - The Rokuyukai team and Yusuke's team. First team to win more matchups will advance. However, Yusuke is still sleeping....

Meanwhile outside the battle arena, some peculiar people arrive.. It's Botan, together with Keiko and Shizuru! Seems like they are here to watch Yusuke and the others compete. Also Koenma arrives at the arena together with his servant Saotome. He was about to join Botan and the others but remembers something... Since Botan is with Keiko and Shizuru he can't be seen as a baby.. or he might get one hell of an embarassment. So for the first time in the series we see Koenma in his.. um.. mature form.. and confronts the three girls and together they enter the arena to watch the battling.

The first bout is between Rinku of the Rokuyukai team and Kuwabara of Yusuke's squad. Rinku is a small boy, and Kuwabara gets overconfident. But just then Rinku displays his hyperspeed, and his quickness almost equals that of Hiei (although not that close)... and Kuwabara gets shocked. However he somehow he sees through it and gets sneaks in a punch that hits Rinku straight. Rinku tries again, but Kuwabara gets better and better and hits Rinku pretty hard.. but just as Kuwabara was about to land his strongest punch Rinku suddenly counters with a kick and feeds Kuwabara the dust. Shizuru, Keiko and Botan, who are sitting in the spectators row, are stunned, and so is Koenma, who has reverted back to his baby form and is relaxing in his VIP room (being the prince of the spirit world, that is) Koto, who also serves as the referee, starts to count as Kuwabara is lying motionless from Rinku's attack. Looks like the battle going to be over fast.

But just then Kuwabara stands up, irate from the thing that happened. But Rinku has more tricks to show, and he brings up his weapon - a toy yo-yo.. and attacks Kuwabara with it. He uses his spiritual power to manipulate it and it manages to hit him hard. So Kuwabara decides to show his own weapon, and launches two spirit swords from both of his fists, ready for any attack his opponent might unleash. Rinku attacks again with his toy, but Kuwabara uses some of the floor to block his attacks. However Rinku manipulates his toy and it manages to wrap around Kuwabara, and entraps him. Using his spiritual power he flips his yo-yo and with Kuwabara wrapped with it it sends him flying in the air... and by Rinku's order he drops his yo-yo down, sending Kuwabara blistering down into the hard floor...


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