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Episode 29 - TAKE MY SEED

Episode Photolane

Kuwabara is blistering down the hard floor and smashes HARD on the ground. Rinku repeats it one more time and commands his yo-yo to send Kuwabara flying and smashing hardcore... But even though Kuwabara has landed hard multiple times, he doesn't broke a bone and only gets some bruise and scratches. So Rinku decides to bring him up once again, but this time he brings him up pretty darn high... and things are looking bad... Shizuru sees this, but even though she is his sister she remains somehow calm.. Keiko sees Yusuke from a far and sees him sleeping.. and gets so irate she shouts at him for not being able to help Kuwabara.. and she didn't realize the fact that they were surrounded by demons who are mostly in favor of the Rokuyukai team. Luckily Shizuru was there and she burns her cigar right into the tongue of one demon who wanted to eat Keiko.. and the three of them rush to ringside to Yusuke's aid.

Kuwabara is so high up he will never survive a fall with this altitude. Rinku releases his yo-yo's hold on Kuwabara, and Kuwabara free falls... as tensions rise.. Just then Kuwabara thinks of a way and releases his spirit sword that hits the ground and acted as a springboard, and as he lands it propels him right into Rinku for a surprise attack. However Rinku sees this and launches his yo-yo attack into him, but Kuwabara's spirit sword suddenly winds in and gets by the yo-yo and nails Rinku hard.. and gets hit by the yo-yo too, as both men goes down and out of the ring. Koto the referee starts to count to ten and if neither men are back in the ring within the countdown both men will be disqualified. RInku gets back in the ring at five, but realizes he got hit badly he could not fight anymore. Kuwabara is down, but then Yusuke suddenly blurts out something like "your a loser" or so (he's sleeping, right?) and Kuwabara suddenly gets up and confronts him.. realizing he's still asleep. Koto counts to eight, Kuwabara hears it, and runs to the ring, but Rinku uses all his strength to summon his yo-yo toy and it wraps around Kuwabara once more, preventing him to move as the countdown hits ten.. and Rinku wins the first bout by countout!

So the Rokuyukai team leads the battle 1-0, and the next bout is about to start. Botan arrives at ringside and tries to wake Yusuke up by slapping him.. but he still won't budge. So she drags him away.. The second match is between Roto and Kurama. Roto forms a blade by his fist and uses it to attack Kurama, but he's too slow as Kurama merely avoids every attack he unleashes, until Roto tells Kurama something that shocks him.. He shows him a trigger-like device and explains his plot.. Roto has sent one of his demons into the home of Shiori, Kurama's mother, and will devour her once he presses the trigger. And he gives Kurama a choice, either not fight and save his mother, or fight and he will never see Shiori again. Kurama, who really loves her mother so much he will even give his own life for her, decides not to fight, and Roto uses this to his advantage. Roto beats Kurama up like a pulp, until Kurama does something that distracts him - he throws a pebble into his face. Roto laughs on how he used the pebble to release his anger since he couldn't fight, and calls him a fool for caring for his mother so much. Roto beats Kurama up some more, but somehow gets intimidated on how Kurama stares at him. Roto decides to finish him off using his blade, but Kurama pleads him to stop and let him fight instead, even if the cost is his mother's life. So Roto brings out the trigger and, without hesitation, pushes it.. but something happens. Before he could land his finger on the trigger he suddenly became paralyzed! Kurama explains that he used the pebble as a distraction on his real attack - Sokyo Shokubutsu, the seed of destruction. Roto realizes that when he was distracted by the pebble Kurama implanted the seed into his body.. now he was at the brink of death. He pleads for Kurama to forgive him for his cheating ways, but Kurama simply says.. no.. The plant grows and destroys Roto, saving Shiori, and giving Yusuke's team the win.


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