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Episode Photolane

Now both squads have garnered one victory each, its time for the third bout of their battle. But it seems that no one wants to fight as no one approaches the ring.. but just then the leader of the Rokuyukai team, Zeru, approaches. He wants to end it all. So on the part of Yusuke's team, Hiei accepts the challenge. So the third fight between Zeru and Hiei begins. Zeru instantly displays his enormous strength as a fire-demon and unleashes vast amounts of flame that almost burns part of the arena. Hiei just smirks. This provokes Zeru and he charges once more and with his flame power he transforms himself into a more powerful being, then unleashes a fireball that charges for Hiei.. the fire aggravates, and it hits Hiei and scorches him... but Zeru's not finished yet. He unleashes one more fire ball attack and it burns Hiei to dust.

Seems like the battle is going to be over in a breeze, but Zeru gets surprised as Hiei rises up, surviving the blistering flame that burned him earlier. Hiei explains that he is a fire-demon like Zeru, so he won't be killed by pure flame so easily. Now he gets ready for his own version of a fire attack, and suddenly his jagan (third eye) rises, and black flame starts to appear in his fist. Hiei taunts Zeru and tells him how lucky he is, as he will be the first to feel the wrath of the JAOUEN SATSUKEN!!!! Hiei starts to show his true power and unleashes an enormous black flame attack that surges right into Zeru, and within moments he gets burned into a crisp..

Now that was a quick fight. Zeru gets burned into ashes and gives Yusuke's team another victory. Hiei's enormous attack almost destroyed the whole arena... however that attack had its drawback as Hiei's whole arm he used for the attack gets heavily injured. Stunned by their leader's quick demise the other members of the Rokuyukai team starts to back out... But just then another member steps in and knocks his coward teammates out. Rinku realizes who is coming out, and we see the guy drinking liquor.. uh.. he's drunk. It's Chu, the drunken member of the Rokuyukai team. He challenges Yusuke's team for the winner take-all matchup, but since Hiei has got his arm heavily injured, Kurama still recovering from his earlier battle, the woman in a mask refusing to fight, and Kuwabara irritated from the drunken guy, they have no choice but for Yusuke to fight with him. But Yusuke's SLEEPING... so Kuwabara tries to wake him up one more time.. however he can't find Yusuke anywhere! Just then someone steps in the ring and confronts Chu.. It's Yusuke! He's awake (finally).. seems like the smell of liquor that kept him awake always when he's with Atsuko managed to wake him up.. and this time he's ready for some serious butt-kicking! Now the deciding matchup of the battle between the Rokuyukai team and Yusuke's team is about to begin...


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