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Episode Photolane

Yusuke is about to face his first match of the Ankoku Bujutsukai, and its against a drunk man named Chu... Chu takes another shot at a bottle of liquor and gets ready for their bout. Kuwabara sees things Yusuke's way since Chu's too drunk to even see his opponent, but Hiei feels some hidden talent within the drunk man. Now the battle begins.

Yusuke tries to strike first, but Chu quickly avoids his attacks, much to his surprise. Chu uses his drunken technique and starts to wobble around the ring, confusing Yusuke, but just then the drunk style turns into a mount of offense as he uses it to attack Yusuke, and Chu successfully connects. He hits Yusuke and he goes flying, but quickly recovers. Chu uses his drunken technique again, and this time he uses it as defense as he gets by every punch Yusuke throws in. Then he counters and gains the upper hand. Yusuke gets irate he concentrates a bit more and starts to regain the advantage and hits Chu, at the same time he gets hit as well. It seems like majority of their match is an equal bout. Koenma, who is still with his servant Saotome is watching the match and cheers Yusuke on, and so does Kuwabara and Botan. Kurama and Hiei remain calm.

Chu mounts another offensive outburst and buries Yusuke to the ground, but he quickly recovers and smashes some kicks into Chu that brings him down as well. It's still an equal batle. Keiko, who is with Shizuru by ringside, is getting a bit worried as she sees no one getting a clear advantage. But just as things are settling down Yusuke sneaks in and unleashes a powerful rei gun that hits a surprised Chu. Rinku, who is the only remaining member of the Rokuyukai team, cheers Chu on. Chu sees that Yusuke has some spiritual power to show, so he unleashes one of his own spiritual attacks as he forms a huge ball of energy and throws it right at him. Yusuke gets hit, but again quickly recovers. Chu unleashes another ball of energy, a much more powerful version this time, but Yusuke is pretty much ready to defend for it. He points his finger on the ball and unleashes a mighty REI GUN, and it goes right through the ball and right on target, as both men goes down from their opponents' spiritual attacks. Now both Chu and Yusuke has used up all their spiritual energy as both are gasping for air. The match continues...


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