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Episode Photolane

Yusuke and Chu are both exhausted from their bout and have used up all their spiritual attacks... but there should be a winner in the match. So they decide to continue their bout, by their own rules. Chu sets up two daggers in the ring which will set as their attack boundaries. Then they decide to continue on, the hard way. They decide to even out the match using their brute strength, physical attacks, and nothing else since both have used up their spiritual powers... and on they go.

Both fighters slug it out in the center of the ring, but it seems like the match is endless. Once Yusuke connects with a solid attack, Chu bounces back with a right hand of his own, and Yusuke strikes back.. Chu attacks again, Yusuke does, then Chu, as both continue to land hard punches at each other. Keiko, who is watching the fight with Shizuru, could not stand the fight anymore seeing Yusuke get clobbered hard.. so she decides to stop the fight and rushes into ringside. Shizuru tries to stop her, but Keiko ran too fast and Shizuru could not follow..

Meanwhile at the VIP lounge someone has knocked out the guards.. Then the man enters the room where the businessman gambling for the tournament are negotiating.. Toguro greets him. He is Karasu, a powerful demon, and an ally of Toguro. Both Karasu and Toguro admire Yusuke's skills as they hope to face them later on in the tournament and they continue to watch the slobberknocker... Meanwhile Shizuru has lost Keiko and now has also lost her way back.. just then some blood-hungry demons approach her. Sensing danger Shizuru runs for it, but comes into a dead-end as the demons approach ready to devour her. Just then someone came out from nowhere and dragged Shizuru away, leading her to safety. Turns out the man was Sakyou, the proprietor of the tournament and Toguro's manager. Sakyou helped Shizuru from being devoured by the demons, and Shizuru gets somehow infatuated with him as he leaves..

Now back with the fight, Yusuke and Chu are both getting worned out from fighting, but still continues on as both men are not letting themselves lose the fight. Just then Keiko arrives at ringside and enters Yusuke's corner, and Kuwabara sees her. She pleads for Kuwabara to stop the match, but Kuwabara tells her the fact that Yusuke will not appreciate it when the match stops. He tells her that he has some challenges he needs to overcome (and we see some flashbacks when Toguro displays his strength to Yusuke and destroys a building) and the reason why he continues to fight with Chu even though he has no strength left is that he wants to prove that he can fight hard.. and Keiko understands..

Now Yusuke and Chu are desperate to win, and both has little energy left to throw out another attack, so Yusuke and Chu decides to end it all using their final blow... and both headbutts each other. Seems like both had the same idea of attack, and looks like the one with the harder head will be the survivor of the match. A moment of silence, And Chu goes down... Yusuke's determination prevailed as Koto counts to ten, and Yusuke wins by knockout!! Now he and his team will advance to the second round of the Ankoku Bujutsukai, but what challenge will be awaiting them there?


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