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Episode Photolane

Finally Yusuke's team has advanced to the second round of the Ankoku Bujutsukai after Yusuke defeated Chu and the Rokuyukai team. Now they have some time off before their next match, and Yusuke wanders around the forest to spend some time. Unfortunately he has some problems. He tries to summon his rei gun but still he doesn't have the spiritual power to unleash it. He hasn't quite recovered from his battle with Chu as of the moment. Meanwhile near the seashore we see Hiei, and he also has some problems. He got his right hand heavily injured when he unleashed his black flame attack against Zeru, and now he's got a hard time recovering. Back at the hotel we see Keiko, Botan and Shizuru drinking and celebrating for Yusuke's victory. Keiko doesn't want to see Yusuke at the meantime since she doesn't want to get him worried about her.. well...

Meanwhile other battles are going on, and one team led by a mad scientist named Ichigaki has advanced to the second round too. His team, surprisingly, is composed of humans, not demons... Now its time for the Toguro team to compete. Toguro came out by himself, and is about to face five other demons. He tells Koto, the referee, that since his teammates has some other business to attend, he will be the only one to compete and battle the five demons he has to face. Yusuke, Kuwabara and the woman in a mask are watching the fight, and Yusuke gets stunned by Toguro's decision to fight them all alone. So the battle starts, and its a one-on-five match. Toguro doesn't want to display his full strength and summons around 15 percent of his energy, as one of the five demons attacks. Toguro dodges the attack and unleashes a right hand that hits the demon right in his gut... and it goes right through! One punch was all it took to bring the demon down. The other demons try to gang upon Toguro and they attack all at the same time, but Toguro, using only his arm, unleashes punches that was so devastating it defeated the demons in one single blow. Yusuke is shocked.

Now the leader of the demons, holding an axe, gets his turn to attack Toguro. He strikes with his huge axe but Toguro was so quick he dodges every srike. Just then the demon hurls his axe and hits Toguro right through! But the axe just bounced back... Toguro's muscles just made the axe bounce and Toguro lands a devastating right hand into the demon's body.. and it breaks him into two! Toguro singlehandedly defeated his opponents and now Toguro's team has advanced to the second round of the tournament. Yusuke is so stunned at his display of power he could barely move..

The second round of the Ankoku Bujutsukai is about to begin and Yusuke's team will be facing the team that won earlier in style.. the Ichigaki team...


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