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The next day, Kuwabara wakes up from a bad dream. Finally the start of the second round is about to begin, and it's Yusuke's team versus the Ichigaki squad for the first battle of the round. However, Kurama and Hiei are missing. So Yusuke, Kuwabara and the woman in a mask decide to go on without them. On their way they meet a young man that congratulates them for a job well done.. Yusuke wonders who the guy is, but then sees the pacifier - It's Koenma! He's in his mature form. Koenma explains that he is Yusuke's manager and will support him in any way he can. He also explains the golden egg which he had in the very early part of the series (during his revival process) is about to hatch.. Anyway they go on and the second round officially begins with their matchup with the team of Ichigaki.

Hiei is wandering around the forest still recovering from his heavily injured right hand when Kurama walks up on him. He says their match has begun and they need to return to the arena as soon as possible. However before they can act, two of Ichigaki's demonic minions blocked their way. It seems like Kurama and Hiei are marching into Ichigaki's setup. Back at the arena Ichigaki, with three of his minions are facing Yusuke's squad. Kuwabara gets surprised that those guys with Ichigaki are the same guys he saw during his bad dream. A dream set in a martial arts school where their master is dying from a sickness and an odd-looking man comes to their aid in exchange for their three best students for his experiment. And it all connects when Ichigaki tells him that his three minions are.. HUMAN.. Yusuke is surprised as he thought they are the only humans that are competing in the tournament, but looks like it's not. The woman in a mask suggests that the match be made at the same time, since it's a three on three event with Yusuke, Kuwabara and her against Ichigaki's three minions. Both parties accept the stipulation, and the match begins.

Ichigaki's team strikes first as Kai, one of Ichigaki's minions, uses an attack that demolishes part of the ring. the woman in a mask quickly escapes but Yusuke and Kuwabara are stunned they could barely react. Ryou, another of Ichigaki's minions, uses a wind-like attack and blows both Yusuke and Kuwabara and they land down hard. But things won't just stop there. En, the other member of the Ichigaki squad, unleashes some power rings that blows by Yusuke, as all three of them try eagerly to avoid each attack. Kai goes for Kuwabara, who is busy avoiding En's attacks he didn't notice him coming, and tries to strike him down. Yusuke sees this and tries to fire his rei gun at Kai, but since his spiritual energy has been depleted in his previous outing, he didn't have the strength necessary to pull off the attack, so he decides to rush in, but its too late as Kai attacks Kuwabara.. just then the woman in a mask comes in and strikes Kai with a kick knocking him down.. Ichigaki is delighted by the events happening..

Meanwhile Kurama and Hiei are stucked in the forest fighting the other minions of Ichigaki. They quickly defeat one of them, but another summons a large mechanical robot ready for devastation. The mechanical robot attacks both Kurama and Hiei with both of its mechanical arms, as Kurama and Hiei try to avoid them. Hiei tries to strike the robot with his sword but the robot is made of steel and the sword didn't work. Hiei gets hit hard and goes down... worse, he goes down with his injured arm! Hiei suffers immense pain from reaggrevating the injury, and gets hit again by the mechanical robot's attacks. Kurama circles in and knocks the robot out, but the robot's arms land on him and crushes him hard. Fortunately, he uses his rose whip to break in the robot and manages to defeat it by destroying the circuits lurking inside. Now Kurama and Hiei has gained back the upper hand. Meanwhile, Yusuke, Kuwabara and the woman in a mask are still fighting Ichigaki's minions back at the arena, and it seems like they have met their match.. they're losing quite badly...


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