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Episode 35 - BEHIND THE MASK

Episode Photolane

En, Kai and Ryou, Ichigaki's minions, continues to fight Yusuke, Kuwabara and the woman in the mask as their second round matchup goes on. Ichigaki's three minions have the full advantage as they continue to attack, and Yusuke tries his best to avoid each attack they face. Yusuke barely avoids En's power rings, but just as he was about to recover Kai's attack is rushing towards him, and before he knows it he is in danger of being nailed badly. But just then the woman in the mask steps in, kicks Yusuke out of the picture, and absorbs Kai's power attack and she smashes hard and out of the ring. Yusuke gets surprised by the fact that the woman saved his life.. but before coming back to his senses he gets attacked once again and both he and Kuwabara gets knocked down.. Keiko and Shizuru, again watching as spectators, are getting a little worried, while Botan rushes into ringside and provides some help. Yusuke and Kuwabara are still down but here comes Ichigaki's minions once again, ready to finish them off. However the woman in the mask returns and kicks all three of them singlehandedly, knocking them out for the moment. Yusuke realizes something - Her mask is removed from Kai's attack earlier, and her real face shows... and it shocks Yusuke! (So does the whole arena)... It turns out that the person hiding in a mask is a beatiful young woman...

Yusuke is definitely stunned (he knew all along that the person in the mask is none other than... Genkai... but now its not her) And all eyes were on the beatiful young woman.. Koenma gets confused who the girl was. no one knows. She returns her mask and gets ready for battle once again as Ichigaki's minions have recovered. Just then a huge mechanical robot enters the arena.. and here comes Kurama and Hiei, using the robot as transportation. Ichigaki is stunned by this turn of events, but still remains confident that his minions would win. Kuwabara remembers part of his dream and pleads with En, Kai and Ryou to stop fighting since they are humans just like he is, but Ichigaki emphasizes the fact that as long as Ichigaki's mind-control device is implanted in them they will only act by his command... and suddenly his minions attack Yusuke once again. Yusuke tries to run to avoid the attacks, but Kuwabara remains still. He continues to plead with the three to stop fighting, and gets hit hard by their attacks at the process. Still, he tries to persuade them to change.. and somehow gets them to wake them up.. But Ichigaki again commands to attack and the three flurries in a barrage of powerful attacks... hits Kuwabara and he goes down hard.

Yusuke, seeing Kuwabara now badly injured from absorbing their attacks, gets irate, and with this his spiritual energy returns. However he sees Ichigaki's minions.. crying.. seems like they got some sense into their head and they are desperately trying hard to fight Ichigaki's mind-control, In fact so desperate their tears are tears of blood. They plead for Yusuke to finish them for their suffering to end... as Ichigaki controls them again. Yusuke has no choice but to finish them, and with his spiritual energy back, decides to end their suffering and charges up for a rei gun...


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