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Episode 36 - REUNION

Episode Photolane

Yusuke is about to unleash his rei gun when the young woman in a mask suddenly stops him. She tells Yusuke that the rei gun will not work, and she will find another way. Yusuke, seeing things are looking good by her way, decides to let her go. So the woman faces the three minions of Ichigaki by herself. She summons a cleansing spirit and starts charging up, then unleashes a bright light that blinds everyone in the arena. Then she quickly attacks the three using the cleansing spirit she summoned, and suddenly the mind-control devices implanted within their bodies fall off, and they become free from Ichigaki's grasp. However they fall down unconscious. Koto counts them out to ten and Yusuke's team is declared the winner of the second round!

Ichigaki is so stunned his minions where defeated in one single blow. Yusuke confronts him, and being so irate about how he used them for his evil deeds, decides to finish him for good. Ichigaki tries to escape but Kurama and Hiei block his path. He threatens them that the master of En, Kai and Ryou will die if they kill him, but just then.. the master enters the arena, much to Ichigaki's surprise. Hiei tells him they squeezed out the location of the master from his servant and Kurama has found a way to cure his sickness. So Ichigaki, with no other choice left, decides to fight. He injects a fluid within his body and within moments he turns into a horrible demonic monster! Ichigaki attacks Kurama, Hiei and Yusuke, much to their surprise. However, Yusuke's anger prevailed, and when Ichigaki attacked he countered the blow with a tremendous punch.. for the three he enslaved... another powerful punch... for Kuwabara, and finally another right hand in the face for himself that sent Ichigaki flying...

En, Kai and Ryou regained their consciousness, finally free from Ichigaki's control. However they realized the things they did and were so ashamed they almost killed themselves, until their master steps in, gives them some fruitful thoughts, and finally they are back, reunited once again. What a happy ending ^_^

Suddenly an announcement came.. the third round is about to begin.. NOW! Yusuke and the rest where so shocked that they didn't even had the time to rest as they will compete once more! Their next opponent enters the ring, the powerful Mashou Tsukai team.. and looks like things are looking bad. Kuwabara is heavily injured from the battle with Ichigaki, while the woman in a mask has used up most of her energy summoning the cleansing spirit she used earlier. Hiei still has an injured arm, and Yusuke is exhausted from the earlier battle. Things are really heating up as the third round of the Ankoku Bujutsukai begins...


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