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Episode 38 - ICE DEMON TOUYA

Episode Photolane

The second match of the third round between Yusuke's team and the Mashou Tsukai team is about to begin, and Kurama's opponent, Touya, enters the ring. Hiei, who is still trapped with the woman in the mask in the power barrier, explains that Touya is an ice demon, but on a higher level compared to Seiruu, the ice-demon Hiei fought before. And Touya proved them right as he powers-up and an ice barrier surrounded the ring, making it impossible for any outside interference. Kurama is paralyzed and poisoned, but the woman in the mask tells him that Gama's curse will not last long, so he would have to take the risk if he can and survive their battle until it wears off. But Touya doesn't give him enough time to rest as he unleashes ice attacks directly for Kurama. Kurama barely avoids his attacks but however gets hit hard by Touya's subsequent charges. He goes down.

Yusuke pleads for Kurama to give up or he would lose himself in the battle. However Kurama stands, and continues to fight. Again he barely avoids Touya's ice shards but again gets hit hard because of his inability to move well. Then he tries to counterattack and unleashes his rose whip, but however he cannot release his weapon. Touya explains that aside from Gama's poison weakening his own body, the poison also acts as a barrier so he will be unable to use his spiritual energy. Kurama is desparate.

Touya decides to finish things and forms an ice sword, his most powerful weapon, on his fists. Touya rushes in for the kill, and Kurama tries everything to avoid each slash Touya delivers. Again and again Kurama barely avoids Touya's attack, but then realizes he won't get the upper hand by just avoiding, so he tries to attack but before he could act he gets hacked by the ice sword and he goes down. Everybody thinks the battle is over, but Yusuke doesn't. Kurama stands and Yusuke gives some inspirational words, and Kurama just smirks. Touya is enraged and he tries to attack Kurama once again with his ice sword, but before he could stab the weapon Kurama unleashes some plant vines that smashes right through Touya's body...

Touya gets surprised on how Kurama overcame Gama's curse to release an attack, but then he realizes something - the plant vines came from his own wound! Kurama's wound gave him the opening he needed to unleash his own attack since he can't use his spiritual powers typically... and with it Touya goes down. Koto counts to ten, and Kurama wins the match giving their team the 2-0 lead in the battle. However, Kurama is totally drained....


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