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Episode 39 - MAXIMUM RAGE

Episode Photolane

Koto the referee declares Kurama the winner of their match between him and Touya. However Touya... is still alive. Kurama tells him that he spared his life for him to seek the light.. something.. and with that Kurama.. falls unconscious (although he is still standing). Just then the third member of the Mashou Tsukai team enters the ring, Bakken, and tells Koto that the third match must continue between him and Kurama. However Kurama is totally drained and Yusuke argues with it. However the match continues and Bakken beats up the unconscious Kurama like a toy... Yusuke is enraged. Bakken continues to toy with Kurama until one of the members of the Mashou Tsukai team stops him and tells him that... Yusuke is pointing his rei gun at him. So Bakken decides to stop and by virtue of Kurama being unconscious Koto declares Bakken the winner of their match.

Yusuke is so enraged. He steps into the ring with a devastating stare at Bakken. Now the fourth match of the third round between Yusuke and Bakken begins. Yusuke continues his cold glance and Bakken somehow gets an odd feeling and with it he releases his power to his advantage. He uses his sweat to unleash a fog that covers the whole arena, making everyone except him temporarily blind. He starts to attack Yusuke, and Yusuke, being unable to see things, gets hit hard with his punches. However Yusuke remains calm.. and suddenly smirks. Bakken gets furious and tries to finish Yusuke again, but Yusuke unleashes a powerful rei gun.. that hits the arena wall, blowing it to bits and clearing the fog surrounding the arena. It turned out that Yusuke deliberately fired his rei gun on the wall to clear the fog and remove the advantage from Bakken. He sneaks in from behind Bakken and unleashes a powerful punch right into Bakken's gut. Bakken goes down hard.

Bakken pleads for Yusuke to forgive him for what he did... but Yusuke gives him a cold stare. He starts to cry, confusing Yusuke, but just then he takes a huge rock and smashes it right into Yusuke's head. Bad move. Yusuke decides to finish off the match and starts unleashing a barrage of powerful punches, breaking each of Bakken's bones as he goes flying out of the ring. Koto counts to ten and Yusuke wins the match!

Yusuke goes back to Kurama, who has finally regained consciousness. It seems like Kurama has somehow recovered from his severe wounds and Gama's curse has finally weared off. Hiei, meanwhile, unknown to Ruka, is absorbing the energy of the power barrier that binds them and his injured arm begins to heal little by little.. to the amazement of the woman in the mask. Jin, who is watching this whole time, is so impressed by Yusuke's skills he decides to fight the next battle. So the next match between Yusuke's team and the Mashou Tsukai team is between Yusuke and Jin. Jin is on a lighter mood, which somehow gets Yusuke off of his angered state on Bakken. And finally, the fifth match of the third round begins as Jin shows off his wind manipulation and begins to fly sky high...


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