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Episode Photolane

Jin is enjoying the view from about 15,000 feet above the arena. Yusuke yells at him to continue the match, and Jin soars down towards Yusuke and, with the immense force of wind behind Yusuke was unable to react and gets nailed by a powerful right hand in his jaw, but not before quickly counter attacking with a swift kick, which Jin manages to evade. Yusuke flies off, shocked by the strong punch Jin unleashed.

Then Jin shows off more of his talents as he circles his right arm.. then his arm forms a huge whirlwind and with it he starts to attack Yusuke once again.. Yusuke evades his punch but the whirlwind formed around it blows him off.. he goes stagerring in the arena walls. Jin is relentless and he attacks again, destroying a part of the arena and the monsters watching..

Yusuke smirks as Jin tries to form another whirlwind, but before he could form it Yusuke attacks him with a barrage of punches. Hiei sees that Yusuke is much quicker than Jin, but Jin's wind technique gives him the upper hand. Yusuke continues to attack Jin and manages to nail a punch right in Jin's gut.. Yusuke sees the opening and decides to attack once more but Jin goes flying off again. Yusuke gets irate.

Kuwabara is amazed on how Yusuke enjoys fighting with Jin. He sees that Yusuke wanted to fight stronger opponents and gets thrilled everytime (weird). Jin decides to rest a bit while he's in the sky since Yusuke can't attack him there, but before he knows it Yusuke has unleashed a rei gun and it's coming right to him. Jin panics but quickly thinks of a way to counter the rei gun, so he spins around, creating a whirlwind using his body and with it it deflects the rei gun, preventing it from hitting him. Yusuke sees that his rei gun would not work the way it should, since Jin would just deflect it easily. Just then Jin decides to attack once again and powers up another whirlwind from his arm and soars downward into Yusuke. However.. Yusuke is not making his move. He just stands at his place and Kuwabara wonders what he would do, but the woman in the mask quickly deciphers Yusuke's plan.

Jin is closing in towards Yusuke and is ready to finish him off with his whirlwind attack, but then Yusuke smirks... then he points his finger right in front of the soaring Jin!!! REI GUN! the whole ring explodes and everyone gets blinded by the explosion caused by Yusuke's blast.. when all the smoke is cleared we see a shattered ring... the referee Koto tries to sort out things and sees that both fighters are gone! Then we see Yusuke outside the ring... he also was blown out from his own attack.. then we see JIn! He's floating in the air again.. unharmed. Hiei tells Yusuke that Jin saw his rei gun and uses his whirlwind to deflect it so he won't be hit, but the contact was too close it caused a humongous blast... but the thing is, the match continues! Jin decides to finish things off and powers up again, creating whirlwind attacks from both of his arms! Yusuke somehow wonders how he would defend himself from two whirlwind attacks.. and Jin soars down once again, this time with his attack twice as powerful as before...


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