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Episode 41 - BY ANY MEANS

Episode Photolane

Jin is soaring down towards Yusuke.. and Yusuke is getting prepared for the moment. Yusuke concentrates his spiritual energy on his right fist as Jin continues to soar, ready for the finishing blow using his twin whirlwind attack..

Jin attacks with one of his whirlwind arms, but amazingly.. Yusuke blocks it with his fist! Then Jin uses his other whirlwind arm to attack.. but Yusuke blocks it too using his foot! Then with no more obstacles to block his way Yusuke unleashes a powerful attack right into Jin -- The Spirit Wave! It hits Jin rock hard and he flies off and crashes down hard out of the ring..

Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara are all amazed by Yusuke's display of power. So is Toguro, who unknown to them was watching this whole time... Koto counts Jin out and Yusuke is declared the winner of the match!

Yusuke is so exhausted he could barely move, while Hiei smirks seeing how Yusuke has improved since their first meeting... Meanwhile Shizuru and Keiko decides to leave the arena for a while to get some fresh air, and outside they see a familiar face wandering around.. Yukina! Seems like she went to the tournament to watch Kuwabara and help Yusuke's team somewhat. Shizuru tells Keiko to go and get Botan as she tries to sort things out...

Now the final match of the third round is about to begin... as the final member of the Mashou Tsukai team reveals himself... the leader, Rishou! Yusuke, despite being all used up, still has the guts to fight and starts charging for Rishou as their match begins.. However... the match is suddenly stopped when an announcement from the board of judges came..

The Board of Judges exclaimed that the referee's counting was.. too slow! Koto gets shocked by this weird decision.. and the board of judges decided that the match between Yusuke and Jin is.... a draw! Yusuke is so stunned, and it seemed like something is really wrong. It turned out that Rishou and one of the businessman working with the Mashou Tsukai team bribed the board of judges to set this sudden turn of events! Now with this decision, and with no more fighters left for Yusuke's squad, the Mashou Tsukai team will be declared the winner by default!

Yusuke gets so furious, but Koto, with no other choice but to follow the rules and the judges' decision, declares Rishou the winner by default and the round for the Mashou Tsukai team. Hiei suddenly rises and tells Yusuke that this is the time to break the rules... Hiei has finally finished absorbing the energy of the power barrier made by the Mashou Tsukai team and he has finally regained his strength. Yusuke agrees with him and decides to break the rules of the Ankoku Bujutsukai and work their way, as both suddenly powers up ready to destroy all.. when suddenly out of nowhere Kuwabara stands and stops all the chaos! He tells everyone that Yusuke's squad has one more fighter left to battle Rishou, thus preventing the Mashou Tsukai team from winning by default! Everyone tries to find out who in the world that person would be.. when Kuwabara exclaims the fact that the fighter will be... HIM! Kuwabara tells Yusuke that he is the only one eligible to fight, and he will do his best to prevent any kind of cheating happen in the tournament as he walks into the ring.. however he hasn't regained his strength yet, and he has no chance of winning against a conditioned fighter like Rishou. But still he insists to fight as the final match between Kuwabara and Rishou is about to begin!


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