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Episode Photolane

Keiko gives Yusuke some motivation with a rei gun gesture as she leaves. Meanwhile Yusuke notices Botan spying on them and he calls her out.. and Botan tells her that the reason why she is here is to tell him that the egg which he protected in the very early part of the series is about to hatch.. and out comes Koenma surprising everyone.. and a funny scene begins with the egg beginning to hatch.. and everyone thinking the creature that will come out of the egg will be a horrible monster, but out comes a cute little blue creature that remains sitting on Yusuke's head.. and with it Koenma and Botan gets the laugh of their lives...

Back at the hotel.. um.. everyone is still laughing over Yusuke's new pet and how it remains on Yusuke's head everytime. Keiko decides to name it Pu.. since it always puus.. or so.. Anyway the next day Kurama, Hiei and the woman in the mask are watching the other battle between a group of monsters and the Unga Tongi team, which is easily won by them. Seems like the Unga Tongi team will be Yusuke's matchup in the semi-finals. Kuwabara and Yusuke (with Pu still sitting in his head) arrive and realize that they are late on watching the battle.. Kurama has finally recovered, and Kuwabara suggests that he go and see Yukina.. which gives Hiei an odd reaction (remember Hiei is Yukina's sister, and only Kuwabara doesn't know it).. everyone is having fun when suddenly the Toguro team arrives.. The Toguro brothers, Karasu, and another unknown but powerful character.. Toguro gives Yusuke the creeps.. but Yusuke remained calm somehow. However he notices the woman in the mask staring at him, and gets iritated by it. Back at the hotel everybody is relaxing when the Unga Tongi team enters the scene.. a bit of taunting and so.. but Yusuke is confident that they will get passed them and advance to the finals. However the woman in the mask disagrees. Yusuke gets irate and decides to settle things with her and they leave the room...

Yusuke wanted to know who the woman in the mask really is.. he knows that she is Genkai, but during their battle with the Ichigaki team she was a different person, which confuses him a bit. Finally, the woman takes off her mask and reveals herself to Yusuke.. Genkai! She explains that the young woman he saw in their earlier battle and Genkai are the same person, and using her spiritual energy she could make herself younger and a much powerful fighter. She knows that Yusuke is getting a bit overconfident, so she tries Yusuke once more. She tells Yusuke to fire his rei gun in a huge boulder up ahead, which Yusuke obliges. Yusuke fires his rei gun and destroys the boulder.. however Genkai tells him his strength is not enough to beat Toguro. She points his finger into a boulder almost twenty times larger than the boulder Yusuke destroyed.. and suddenly she turns from Genkai to the young woman Yusuke saw earlier.. and she fires a powerful rei gun that not only destroys the boulder, but destroys the forest lying after it! Genkai tells Yusuke that it is now time for Yusuke's final training to begin...


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