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Episode 44 - THE SEMI FINALS

Episode Photolane

Genkai tells Yusuke that in order for the final training to be accomplished Yusuke must defeat his master, and kill her off. Yusuke is stunned by having to kill his master in order to complete his training. Genkai tells him that she will be waiting at a nearby cave if he's ready. Meanwhile back at the hotel Kuwabara and Kurama are playing cards while Hiei relaxes by the window. The girls came by and they have some fun..

It starts to rain. Yusuke arrives at the cave to confront his master. He tells him that deep in his heart he could not and would never kill his master, accepting that he failed the training. Just then Genkai tells him he has passed the test, and exclaims how stupid he is for not thinking that killing his master would not give him the strength he needs.. and is no way related to the training. :0

So the final process of the training is about to begin. Genkai summons all her energy, and it forms into a ball of light. Yusuke braces himself, and receives the ball of light, completing the process of transferring Genkai's spiritual energy to Yusuke. When all the light has gone.. seemed like nothing happened. Yusuke doesn't feel any change. However in moments Yusuke begins to feel dizzy.. and suddenly his body begins to hurt badly! Genkai explains that this is the test he needs to pass in order to fully complete his training. If he could endure the pain and suffering upon receiving the energy, he will receive unimaginable strength.. However Yusuke's body is in bad shape and he's losing consciousness...

The Semi Finals of the Ankoku Bujutsukai is about to begin, featuring a brand new world-class arena.. then we are introduced to the new referee of the tournament - Juri! (crowd cheers) She announces the semifinalists, and the first semi-finals match between the Unga Tongi team and Yusuke's squad. Koto is now the announcer and she introduces the two teams, as the Unga Tongi team arrives on the scene. On Yusuke's team, only Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei were present.. Back at the hotel the girls are sound asleep.. however it looks like Pu is awake and is not feeling well...

The leader of the Unga Tongi team, Wakamaru, confronts Yusuke's squad. He suggests that the order of participants be drawn by dices, which all parties agreed. The first matchup is between Makintaro and Hiei. Juri announces the match to begin, and Hiei draws his sword. Kurama says its over... as Makintaro's arm goes flying.. seems like Hiei slashed his arm without him noticing it. Makintaro gets enraged he transforms the sliced arm into an axe and charges for Hiei, but only manages to slice Hiei's clothing... Hiei jumps right above Makintaro and finishes him off with a thrust to the neck. Quick match. Hiei grabs the dice and tosses it off determining the next fighters...


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