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Episode 45 - THE TEST OF POWER

Episode Photolane

The next bout is between Kuromo Motaro and once again, Hiei. Motaro picks up Hiei's sword, which is still stabbed into Makintaro, and out of the blue slices his own arm! Hiei is stunned on why the opponent would injure himself. Then Motaro picks up an odd thing from his utility belt - he calls it an Unga Tongi dumpling - and squeezes it. Smoke comes out of the dumpling and Motaro absorbs it.. and his body becomes hairy all of a sudden. He explains to Hiei that the dumpling he used was an immunity gadget, and since he injured himself with Hiei's sword and he used it, he will now be unaffected by any attack used by Hiei's sword. Motaro hurls the sword back at Hiei, and HIei grabs it back. He charges for Motaro and tries to slice him off, but Motaro blocks the sword with his arm... and the sword BROKE! Hiei is surprised and couldn't react in time as Motaro lands a right hand that sends Hiei flying out of the ring. Kuwabara and Kurama looked a bit worried.

Meanwhile back at the cave Yusuke is having a very hard time controlling the energy given to him by Genkai. In fact Yusuke is bleeding so bad from the pain. Genkai decides that Yusuke could not handle the energy and decides to grab it back, but Yusuke stops her, saying he will do whatever it takes to endure the pain.. and his body starts to ache worse than before.. Back at the hotel Keiko had a bad dream... and she wakes up everyone, and they realize they are late for the tournament so they rush out.. but Keiko forgot to bring Pu she needed to return...

Hiei realizes his regular attacks would not work against Motaro now, after his sword broke in his earlier attack. Motaro tries to force him to use his Jaouen Satsuken.. and Hiei gives in. He releases his third eye and powers-up.. Kurama gets a bit worried since the last time he used that technique he injured his right arm badly. Nevertheless, Hiei continues to powerup and charges right into Motaro.. but instead of summoning the black spirits he unleashed in his earlier battle against Zeru, he didn't! He just used a black flame that burned Motaro to bits... However Motaro survived the attack, to Hiei's surprise. Motaro then uses another dumpling, absorbs the smoke, and now Motaro is immune to both his sword and his black flame attacks. Now Hiei is in a desparate situation...


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