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Episode Photolane

Motaro strikes.. and Hiei gets hit badly. Motaro is even faster than Hiei! Hiei goes down hard, but not out. Hiei summons another black flame, but this time he charges with it, striking Motaro with a barrage of black flame punches, burning him. However, Motaro survived once again! He uses the last of his dumplings and now he is invulnerable to any of Hiei's attacks, and what's more he is now even faster than Hiei! Seemed like everytime Motaro survives an attack he always gains the tremendous advantage. Motaro transforms into a more rat-like powerful creature, ready to devour Hiei alive.

Meanwhile Botan, Keiko, Shizuru and Yukina are walking by the forest to the arena.. and they seemed to have lost their way.. they blame Botan.. anyway Keiko sees that Pu is not feeling well.. perhaps Yusuke too.. back at the cave Genkai looks at a suffering Yusuke. Yusuke is trying his best to endure the pain caused by the sudden emergence of Genkai's energy into his body. Genkai decides that Yusuke has the will to fight, and leaves him alone in the cave...

Back at the arena Motaro is attacking Hiei consecutively, while Hiei barely avoids his slashes. Then Hiei sees his now broken sword, and picks it up.. and gets an idea on how to beat his monster opponent. Motaro smirks, and decides to finish Motaro and charges at him, biting his shoulder.. and Hiei's blood showers all over the ring. Looks like the end of the match. However out of nowhere a black flame blade suddenly thrusts into Motaro's body! Motaro burns.. and Hiei rises. Looks like the broken sword he picked up earlier was used to create a black flaming sword - combining his black flame attack with the sword. Motaro is burned to ashes - he didn't survive the attack. Kuwabara is stunned, seeing a sword just like his own weapon.. although the power within it is certainly different.

Yusuke's squad leads 2-0 in their semi-final matchup with the Unga Tongi squad. Wakamaru rolls the dice again, and this time, the next matchup will be Kurama against Unga Tongi's own Uraurashima. Hiei finally gains some rest after getting badly bruised by Motaro. Uraurashima and Kurama prepare to fight as the third match begins. Uraurashima uses his um.. fishing pole and swirls it around, while Kurama unleashes his rose whip, and they both exchange blows with their weapons. During their battle Uraurashima tricks Kurama somehow, and he manages to wrap his fishing thread around Kurama and was able to injure him hard. Kurama goes down and loses his rose whip. Uraurashima summons his fishing thread and uses his spiritual energy on it to create a barrier that surrounds the whole ring, then he reveals his secret weapon - a box that contains a mystic mist. He releases the mist that surrounds the whole ring with the barrier of threads protecting it from spreading, and explains to Kurama that the mist will make a person younger.. younger.. until his spiritual power is totally depleted when he inhales it. Kurama was unable to evade the mist and he got engulfed in it, and suddenly he began to grow younger.. younger.. into a baby... Uraurashima rejoiced, when suddenly he felt a tremendous demonic power... from Kurama!


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