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Episode 47 - YOUKO KURAMA

Episode Photolane

Using Uraurashima's mystic mist Kurama has transformed younger, and even younger.. and he became a youkai! The demon-fox he was before he became human.. Uraurashima saw the immense energy coming out from Youko Kurama and started to panic. Then Kurama emerged.. in his demon-fox form. Juri also transforms into a baby by the way since she was also in the ring.. Youko Kurama summons some flesh-eating plants, and demanded the antidote for the mystic mist Uraurashima just used. Uraurashima started to run for his life, but he can't escape because of the barrier he made while the flesh-eating plants chase him. Uraurashima is forced to tell the truth, but before he could speak up a sword was hurled into the ring and went thrusting into Uraurashima! Then the mist begins to clear... and we see the sword coming from.. Wakamaru! Seems like Wakamaru didn't want Uraurashima to talk and he killed him to prevent more information to spread... The mist finally clears and everyone sees.. Youko Kurama!!!

Everyone is stunned by the power that Kurama just showed.. when suddenly Kurama reverts back to his normal form... and so does Juri. Seems like the mystic mist effects are starting to wear off. Kurama returns to his old self and Yusuke's squad is up 3-0 in the semi-finals!

Meanwhile Botan, Keiko, Shizuru and Yukina are still looking for their way out of the forest... when suddenly Pu, who is being held by Keiko, starts to moan. Seems like he is in a lot of pain. Just then Pu goes flying off, gets everyone surprised. Keiko tries to follow the now flying Pu, but she can't and Pu disappeared in a flash.. Back at the arena Wakamaru rolls the dice once more and it turns out that the next matchup will be himself against any member of Yusuke's squad.. just then the.. um.. "Wakamaru Fan Club" arises from the crowd shouting for Wakamaru's name.. seems like Wakamaru is a fan-favorite.. Kuwabara kind of gets jealous and decides to be his match, but Kurama and Hiei wanted a piece of Wakamaru too. So they decided to choose the fighter by means of.. rock paper scissors.. (heck Hiei doesn't even know what it is) Kuwabara wins the duel, and he goes up the ring ready to face Wakamaru as the fourth match of the semi-finals begins! Kuwabara is confident because.. um.. he has Yukina by his side.. then Yukina sneezes..

Meanwhile back at the cave Yusuke is lying in the ground.. totally used up. His body still aches a lot and he can't move because he has lost a lot of blood. He wants water.. Just then someone arrives and pours droplets of water on his lip.. It's Pu! Pu came to his aid.. (he's Yusuke's alter-ego.. or so, right?) Pu tries to bring Yusuke more water but suddenly stumbles.. and rolls out of control. Pu gets badly injured too and Yusuke sees this. Just then a huge boulder starts to drop by the cave-in and is going down right above Pu!!! Yusuke sees this and begins to rise looking to help Pu, but his body still aches and more blood spurts out from his body.. but his determination of saving Pu prevailed and finally he had overcome the pain of the energy and rushes in towards the boulder, kicking it out of the way, and saving Pu's life.

Yusuke carries Pu out of the cave.. to the waiting Genkai. Yusuke gives Pu to Genkai for treatment.. and suddenly he passes out. Genkai is proud of her student for overcoming all the challenges.. and Yusuke has finally completed his training..


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