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Episode 48 - REAL IDENTITY

Episode Photolane

Genkai treats Pu and sets it aside Yusuke, who is resting from the tremendous suffering he just overcame... meanwhile back at the arena Wakamaru is up against Kuwabara for the fourth match of the semi-finals. The crowd cheers for Wakamaru so much Kuwabara gets so irate (we see banners with "Wakamaru Fan Club", I Love You Wakamaru, Do Me Wakamaru etc... hanging around) Kuwabara gets so irate he decides to attack first and unleashes his spirit sword. Wakamaru meanwhile unleashes his own arsenal - a cloth of death... Kuwabara tries to strike Wakamaru, but Wakamaru is too fast he evades all of his attacks everytime, and even steps on Kuwabara's head leaving a footmark.. crowd cheers once more.. Kuwabara charges again, but this time Wakamaru throws his cloth of death to him, and the cloth envelops Kuwabara and suddenly he disappears!!! Wakamaru explains that his cloth of death can transport any person anywhere he wants.. Juri counts to ten, and seeing that Kuwabara is nowhere to be found, declares Wakamaru the winner! Crowd goes wild!!!

Meanwhile, Botan, Keiko, Shizuru and Yukina finally reach the arena.. unfortunately they reach the old arena.. they didn't know that the tournament is being held on a new arena nearby... they blame Botan once again.. then out of nowhere a figure falls down from the sky and crashes down the old ring... its Kuwabara! Looks like Kuwabara was transported by Wakamaru to this old arena, leaving him stranded and out of action. Kuwabara however, sees the girls.. um.. and most especially Yukina! He decides to escort them to the new arena.. actually trying to cover-up on why he suddenly appeared out of the blue in front of them. He gets a good ol' beating by his older sister though.

Wakamaru draws the dice, and reveals the next participants to be him again, and the woman in the mask. Hiei tells them that since she is unavailable, he would take her place. However out of nowhere (once again) the woman in the mask appears! Hiei is irate. So the fifth match is about to begin, with Wakamaru going up against the woman in the mask. However Kurama sees something different.. the woman in the mask doesn't have the spiritual energy she had before, in fact she is too weak to fight. The woman in the mask explains though, that she has transferred her energy to Yusuke, which stuns both Kurama and Hiei.

Wakamaru iniatiates the attack, unleashing his sword, and manages to slice off her mask, revealing her true identity... Genkai! The whole crowd gets surprised on her true self.. and then starts to think that Yusuke's squad cheated in the contest - the woman in the mask who fought earlier against the Ichigaki team was a young woman.. however the woman in the mask they see now is an old lady! Koenma sees this, and decides to sort out things by talking to the board of judges (funny scene insues when Koenma tries some stretching to make himself an adult) Everyone gets confused when suddenly Toguro walks up the ramp and grabs the microphone from Koto - and explains the situation that the old lady and the young woman are all the same person, one of the abilities of the great Genkai! The crowd finally realizes that all this while, the woman in the mask competiting with Yusuke's team is Genkai all along! Wakamaru gets excited... and realizes that now he's not only fighting the great Genkai, but also has the upper hand since Genkai doesn't have the strength she has before. Wakamaru decides to finish things off and unleashes his new weapon - the death sword...

Kuwabara and the girls are walking back towards the new arena where the tournament is being held when Keiko notices someone in the bushes.. they walk up to it and sees a heavily injured Yusuke, with Pu by his side. Everyone wonders what happened to Yusuke as Kuwabara carries him towards the arena...


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