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Episode 37 - THE CURSE OF EVIL

Episode Photolane

The Mashou Tsukai team arrives at the scene and confronts Yusuke's team. One of the members, Jin, shows up and sets a stipulation for their matchup that whoever wins a match must continue on to fight until they lose. Both parties agree. Then a nurse enters the ring and offers her help to aid Yusuke's team. She brings both Hiei and the woman in a mask to a structure which looked like a first-aid station, but it turns out that it was a power barrier made by the Mashou Tsukai team. The nurse introduces herself as Ruka, one of its members, and tells Yusuke that the power barrier will prevent any of its inhabitants to escape if their spiritual power is weak, just as Hiei and the woman in the mask were. Now the odds are against Yusuke, and without Kuwabara who is still out from the previous battle, only he and Kurama can face the Mashou Tsukai team as the third round begins.

Kurama, being on a better condition than Yusuke, decides to start out the match. Then one of the members of the Mashou Tsukai team reveals himself... the evil demon Gama. He uses some paint brushes and paints himself, and his spiritual power suddenly strengthens with it. Now the first match of the third round begins. Gama attacks Kurama, but Kurama is too fast he avoids every attack Gama throws. However at one point Gama manages to paint something on Kurama's leg while he attacks.. and it turns out that the paint was a paralyzing curse! Now one of Kurama's leg are unmovable.. and Gama gains the advantage. He attacks one more and paints another paralyzing curse on his other leg and both of his arms, and within moments Kurama is totally paralyzed! Gama looks in jubiliation on how the match will end pretty quick. Kurama is desperate but his whole body is paralyzed by Gama's curse he couldn't move an inch. With this Gama decides to finish things off and attacks Kurama once again, but Kurama suddenly unleashes his rose whip attack and it slices Gama apart!

Kurama unleashed the rose whip using his hair, since all of his arms and legs are paralyzed, and Gama is surprised by this. At desperation he tries to attack Kurama once more, missing every punch and showers Kurama with drips of his own blood. Finally he collapses, and Koto counts to ten... Kurama wins the first match! However, since the winner will continue to fight Kurama has to face the next member of the Mashou Tsukai team with his body paralyzed... worse, Gama tells him in his dying words that his blood that he showered on him is... POISON! as Gama dies.. Not only Kurama is paralyzed, he is posioned as well as he is about to face the next member of the Mashou Tsukai team.. Touya...


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