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Episode 42 - THE POWER OF LOVE

Episode Photolane

The odds are against Kuwabara as their match between Rishou begins.. Kuwabara decides to attack first and he tries to unleash his spirit sword.. but he can't! he still doesn't have enough strength yet as Rishou strikes him down with a kick. Meanwhile outside the arena, Shizuru, Keiko, Botan and Yukina are having a hard time returning into the arena. One of the monster guards tells them that their.. uh... tickets become void once they leave.. however Shizuru forces their way in, and with a help of a Keiko slap they get inside.. however securities are chasing them out.

Meanwhile Sakyou and Toguro are taking care of the board of judges... and their cheating techniques.. Kuwabara is getting the beating of his life at the hands of Rishou, and finally after multiple kicks and puches he goes down. Koto counts him out but Kuwabara rises just in time. Watching the match Yusuke tries to cheer Kuwabara on, while Hiei is calmly charging up if things get out of hand. Rishou decides to finish things off and charges up, and suddenly he transforms into a more powerful fighter as chunks of rock build up in his body and creates a solid armor around him. He charges into Kuwabara and smashes his solid armor right at him as he crashes down hard. Koto counts him out...

Meanwhile the girls are trapped by securities of the arena.. they try to break free when suddenly they run into none other than Toguro himself. Yukina gets scared and hurriedly runs off towards the arena together with Botan and Keiko. Shizuru gets captured by the security when suddenly Sakyou arrives. Once again Sakyou saves Shizuru and they share a cigarette for awhile..

Kuwabara gets up.. however he has nothing left to fight. But still he is determined to finish things off, even if it would cost his own life.. He.. um.. telephatically sends his farewell to Hiei, the woman in the mask, Kurama and finally Yusuke.. as Yusuke yells a dramatic "no....." as Rishou tries to strike once again. Kuwabara is prepared and tries to break Rishou's attack, as he absorbs all the impact Rishou gives.. he tries his best to push him back, and while doing it he remembers Yukina, hoping to see her once again before everything ends.. just then out of nowhere he hears a familiar voice... then he sees Yukina! She's finally reached the arena and is shouting his name.. Kuwabara suddenly regains his strength upon seeing her and powerfully hurls Rishou out of the way.. eh...

He greets Yukina and shows off that his perfectly alright (the power of love).. when suddenly Rishou strikes back. However Kuwabara has found the inspiration to continue and finally, with his strength back, unleashes his spirit sword and finishes Rishou for good. Kuwabara returns to the ring as Koto counts to ten, and a grueling round finally comes to an end when Yusuke's team prevailed by an inch to survive and advance to the semi-finals of the Ankoku Bujutsukai!!! Everyone was stunned by the weird ending...

Epilogue... Yukina is tending Kuwabara's wounds.. and we see that Kuwabara is deeply in love alright. Meanwhile Yusuke finally sees Keiko (they haven't seen each other right?) but Keiko tells him she doesn't want to see him since she doesn't want him to worry about her. Well, Yusuke tells her she doesn't want to see her either.. and this makes Keiko kind of mad and they quickly get into an arguement.. All this while Botan is spying on them (cute).. Yusuke decides to sort things out with a quick glimpse of Keiko's butt and in turn receives a deadly Keiko slap.. So the third round finally ends with Yusuke's team emerging the winner, but unknown to them, the tournament is just beginning...


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