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Vincent (Ghostfighter)
Demon (black flame based)
Episode 6 - The Stolen Relics
Hyperspeed fighting
Hiei uses a sword which, combined with his devastating black flame power and his hyperspeed, makes him one of the powerful characters in the series.
Multi-slash Assault - Combining with his hyperspeed he attacks his opponent with his sword and if successful can hit up to sixty times in a second, which improves vastly as his powers emerge.

Jaouen SatsuKen (Black dragon spirit power/ black flame power) - Made from his dark powers and as a fire-based demon he summons a powerful dragon from his right hand that contains the elemental power of a rushing flame and the demonic power of evil. This disintegrates his opponents so bad he could hardly control it. He first uses this technique during the Toguro tournament.

Black Flaming Sword - he combines his black dragon power with his sword making it a formidable weapon to deal with.

Black Dragon Spirit Power Devourment - he summons the black dragon spirit power and lets it hit himself in order to absorb its powers using his third eye and making him stronger than ever.

Chou Jaouen SatsuKen (Extreme black flame power attack) - perhaps the strongest attack of any character, he summons an immense demonic power and unleashes a devastating black dragon attack capable of annihilating one whole planet. He uses this attack on Mukuro in the latter part of the series.

Hiei, despite being the shortest character, is one the speedy and powerful guys in the series. At first his background was unknown, but later on it was revealed that he was born from an ice tribe in the demon world, but since he was fire-based, they consider him an ominous child and exiled him out, but not before his mother left him with a shiny pearl as a clue of his past. He then allowed himself to possess the third eye by letting another demon, Shigure, place it to him. With this third sense (jagan) he became as demonic as ever. He arrives to the human world after stealing the spiritual relics for his own desire and meets with Yusuke, loses to him unluckily, and vows to get revenge again. However they ended teaming up to battle more powerful demons, and later had his true power unleashed when the black dragon spirit power was discharged immensely. His comrade Kurama is perhaps his best friend (although he doesn't show his emotions very much) as he had helped him many times in their previous encounters. He later finds out about Yukina, his sister from the ice tribe, but was unwilling to tell her the truth about them. Hiei's goal was to conquer every world and become the strongest character ever with his demonic power. However he failed to accomplish such things because of unbeatable hindrances (namely Sensui, Mukuro, and Yusuke!) that he met.

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