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Shuichi Minamono (human name)
Dennis (Ghostfighter)
Youkai (fox-demon)
Episode 6 - The Stolen Relics
Intellective approach
Kurama uses his spiritual power to unleash a powerful whip as spiky as the thorns of a rose (rose whip) and he can create spiritual seeds that grows into deadly plants for use against the enemy.
Kagon Retsuzanshi (Rose Whip) - a powerful whip is created from a fragment of his hair and his spiritual power creates it into a devastating weapon with thorns that could destroy everything it lashes into.

Fuka Enbujin (Petal Protector) - Kurama creates a barrier formed by flowers/plants that encircle himself to protect him from attacks.

Makai no Ojigisou (Demonic Plant) - a diabolical plant is unleashed through his body and attacks his opponent straightly.

Shokyo Shokubutsu (Seed of Destruction) - a seed is implanted into the opponents' body and within a certain period of time the seed grows into a destructive plant that engulfs its foundation.

Ketsu Shokubutsu (Blood-sucking plant) - a powerful plant that when stabbed directly into an opponent, will suck the blood out of it, leaving the person dry for its demise.

Janen Ju (Deception plant) - a seed is implanted into the opponent's body and will fully grow into a tree that manipulates the opponents' mind to utmost insanity. He uses this attack on the immortal Toguro Ani to seal his fate.

Chou Kagon Retsuzanshi (Super Rose Whip) - a more devastating form of the rose whip. He uses this attack on Super Sensui.

Kurama is a Youkai, a powerful fox-demon that lived in the demon world. He was a ruthless mercenary during that time, but one instance he was badly injured in one of his quests and decided to escape to the human world, into the womb of his human mother Shiori Minamono. He was then reborn and raised as a human named Shuichi Minamono, and because of this tender loving care he felt with his mother he wasn't able to leave and head back to the demon world. Then his mother got sick, and this is where he got to meet Yusuke, to help save her. Since then Kurama has been a part of Yusuke's missions, helping him in anyway with his intellectual capability. Perhaps one of the smartest characters in the series, Kurama uses his intelligence to gain the upper hand instead of an all out strength attack. At one point one of his enemies in the Toguro tournament transforms him back into his old self, the fox-demon, and there his powers were once again unleashed. Kurama's aspiration is to forget the horrible times he had when he was a fox-demon, and to live happily ever after with his human family.

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