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Kuwabara Kazuma
Alfred (Ghostfighter)
Episode 1 - Death and Rebirth
Martial Arts
Kuwabara does not have any physical weapon, but uses his spiritual power to create a weapon similar to a sword that he uses for battling.
Rei Ken (Spiritual Sword) - spiritual power is concentrated on his fist and forms into a devastating sword he uses to slash out his opponents. He first discovers this power while in  Genkai's competition.

Spiritual Strike - his spiritual sword transforms into a weapon similar to a whip and does tremendous impact upon nailing an opponent. He first uses this attack on the Toguro tournament.

Aggression - spiritual power is unleashed in the form of laser blasts that crushes the enemy (much similar to Yusuke's spirit shotgun).

Spiritual Crusher - his spiritual sword transforms into a weapon similar to sledge hammer that turns his enemies to dust.

Jigen Tou (Dimensional Sword) - an immense energy is concentrated into his spiritual sword, improving its strength tremendously. With much energy this attack is capable of destroying barriers of dimensions, enabling transportation from different worlds. A very rare ability Sensui was looking for during the Sensui saga.

Kuwabara is Yusuke's fomer rival and now his best friend. Together he helps Yusuke through his missions as a spiritual world detective. Despite his attack-first-before-thinking method of fighting that made him one of the weakest characters in the series, his emotions and intimacy with his friends and loved ones will enable him to accomplish anything he desires. Kuwabara hates Hiei, for the simple fact that Hiei sees him as an imbecile in any aspect. Later on in the series Kuwabara falls deeply in love with a girl named Yukina, who unknown to him was Hiei's long lost sister. He gets inspiration from this girl and gains unimaginable strength upon being motivated by her (as witnessed in the Toguro tournament). Kuwabara's dream was to defeat Yusuke in man to man combat and become the strongest fighter of all, but since it wasn't that possible he settled with having a nice education instead.

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