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Lazarus (Ghostfighter)
Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi... no just kidding)
Lightning Demon
Episode 19 - The Confrontation with Suzaku
Thunder and Lightning
He has a pet bird which aids him in his battle. He also has the flute that controls the mind-controlling insects that threatened the human world.
Lightning Fist - thunderbolt strikes him and with this energy a lighting is formed from his fist electocuting anything it touches.

Lightning Arrow - forms a bow-and-arrow weapon out of lightning that electrifies anything it hits.

Lucky Seven Strike - Forms clones out of himself that has the same fighting style as his. However the clones has only a portion of Suzaku's power and his energy gets lowered by this technique.

Suzaku is the leader of the sacred demons that threatened the human world. He has the flute that controls the mind-controlling insects, the thing Yusuke is after in the first place. He uses this technique to summon the possessed people and attack Yusuke's girlfriend Keiko. He confronts Yusuke and beats the hell out of him with his lightning attacks. However Yusuke gets his energy back from inspiration and defeats Suzaku after a long and tiring battle, breaking the flute and returning everything in the human world back to normal.

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