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Yusuke Urameshi
Eugene (Ghostfighter)
Human (Later on revealed as a half-demon)
Episode 1 - Death and Rebirth
Spiritual Martial Arts
Yusuke does not have any physical weapons, but can create a spiritual attack which is more known as "rei gun" from his pointing finger.
Rei Gun - energy from his body is concentrated on his pointing finger, and his hand takes a form of a gun upon firing (thus the name rei gun, rei is spirit, or in his case spirit energy). He first learns this technique when it was taught by Koenma.

Spirit Shotgun - an enhanced version of the rei gun, where continuous blasts of energy are fired from his fist. He learns this technique from Genkai.

Spirit Wave - a more powerful version of the rei gun, in which a huge blast is similar to a bazooka is unleased upon firing. He learns this on his own will.

Chou Rei Gun - an ultimate unleashment of his rei gun, where an intense concentration of energy is released to create a devastating attack capable of annihilating anything. He learns this upon receiving Raizen's power.

Yusuke Urameshi is the main character of Yu Yu Hakusho. He is  your typical high school bully who prefers cutting class rather than sleeping inside the classroom (or worse than that). His former rival, Kuwabara, is his best friend, together with Kurama and Hiei. His girlfriend is Keiko, his mother is Atsuko, and his life gets mysteriously uncanny when he gets hit by a car at the start of the series. He becomes the spiritual world detective by orders of Koenma, and much much later in the series it is revealed that one of his ancestors is a powerful demon that lived in the past, and is now haunting him out. Yusuke's goal was to search the world and fight the best opponents out there. he did fight the best, even better, he fought the best of the "other" worlds.

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