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So, what is this thing we call ANIME?

ANIME (ah - nee - mhey) is a shortened form of the word ANIMATION, and is also commonly known as JAPANESE ANIMATION, but more often called simply as animè.

ANIME are animated films often based on manga titles. MANGA (mahn-ga) refers to japanese comics, often black and white, made for japanese magazines or sold separately by volumes. Manga is one of the most popular readable material ever, and in Japan it stands just like a newspaper. It depicts different genres of epic storylines and interesting characters to deal with, which made manga readership reach billions.

On the other hand, ANIME provides the necessary live action and cinematic themes needed for this mangas to come to life. Distinguishing anime from other animated films such as the Disney cartoons are certain aspects unavailable on its counterparts:

ANIME comes in different varieties, like futuristic (Evangelion), medieval (Rurouni Kenshin), typical romance (Fushigi Yuugi), hyperspeed action (Dragonball Z), sports (Slam Dunk!),  comedy (Lupin), school life (Kimagure Orange Road), adult (La Blue Girl). Not only that, it has different types of viewpoints, from a 100-episode TV series, a 2-hour length movie, or rare to find original animation videos. Overall, anime is considered in a class above the rest of the world's cartoons.

So the next time someone asks you what is anime, tell them to visit this site.. err.. you can tell them this brief background which we hope would be of some help.

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