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The BITS and PIECES section of the realm provides miscellaneous information about Yu Yu Hakusho, either related or not. All the information which are not found in the other sections will be located here.


Yu Yu Hakusho Cellphone Ringing Tone

You still can't get enough YYH? Well if you have a cellphone that can have personalized ringing tones (Nokia 3210, 61xx, 71xx and such), you can finally customize it to suite your YYH needs! Below is the opening theme song of Yu Yu Hakusho in Nokia Ringing Tone format. You can create it using Nokia's built-in composer or using any Ringing tone software. Enjoy!

Tempo = 125 bpm
8f1 16g1 8a1 8a1 4- 8a1 4a1 8g1 4c2 8#a1 8a1 8g1 4g1 8a1 4c1 4- 4g1 8a1 4d1 4- 8a1 8f1 8g1 8e1 8f1 4f1 4a1 8f1 8g1 8e1 8f1 4- 8d1 8e1 8f1 8g1 8a1 4#a1 4- 8#a1



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